Canoe Woman Herbs

Canoe Woman Herbs is a boutique traditional medicine company based in Akwesasne offering traditional herbal medicine and cultural heritage tours. Owner Alicia A. Cook (Konwahonwihsen), is a seasoned medicine woman who heals using only natural plant medicine in the ancient tradition of our people. She was brought up in the Mohawk tradition and has a cultural knowledge of ceremony, medicines, healing and plant usage. 

Alicia grew up learning about traditional medicines from her family and she later became a  Licensed Practical Nurse, but felt her training didn’t address the roots of peoples’ problems. As a medicine woman, she integrates knowledge of the human body with herbal support and teachings received from her traditional upbringing. 

Alicia specializes in teaching about culturally important plants and their uses as food and medicine, working to build curriculum and ways of thinking that will promote and protect food sovereignty and traditional plant knowledge. Alicia believes “We must intertwine and carry forward the knowledge of our traditional wisdom keepers.”

Alicia is an experienced healer, keeper of traditional knowledge, speaker and guide. For more information about Alicia and to visit her shop, visit

Hours: By Appointment only
Location: Akwesasne, NY


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