Mohawk Cultural Tours

Immersive, Indigenous Cultural Tours Hosted by Experts

Akwesasne has many stories to tell.

From the ancient art of basket making to the traditions of lacrosse and music, Akwesasne has a rich culture waiting to be explored.

Akwesasne Travel tours offer a rare opportunity to learn about authentic Native American culture firsthand, with the people who know it best. Our hosts are ready to share their knowledge, expertise, and stories with you. 

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Custom Itineraries

Our tours are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Custom itineraries and private tours are available upon request. 

  • Private group tours 
  • Team-building activities 
  • Pre- and post-conference activities 
  • Couple and family activities 
  • Social events 

Please contact for pricing and availability.

Akwesasne Virtual Cultural Tours

If you can’t make it here in person, check out our virtual tours. Dive into local culture, explore the roots of our traditional foods, experience stunning Indigenous art, and see how Mohawk lacrosse sticks are made during these live interactive online sessions hosted by experts from Akwesasne.


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