Virtual Cultural Tours of Akwesasne

Travel to Akwesasne from the comfort of your home on these Airbnb Online Experiences.

Dive into local culture, learn about traditional foods, experience Indigenous art and see how Mohawk lacrosse sticks are made during these live interactive online sessions hosted by experts from Akwesasne.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection to travel to our very special part of the world.

You can also book a private tour for your friends, family, or work.

Living Culture with Mohawk Interpretation

Travel back in time to learn about Mohawk culture then and now on Living Culture with Mohawk Interpretation. This immersive tour is offered by the Native North American Traveling College and offers a glimpse into longhouse life, matrilineal society, and even a Mohawk lesson–the pronunciation is harder than you think! 

Native North American Traveling College
Native North American Traveling College

Explore Mohawk Basketry with a Master

Carrie Hill AirBnB Virtual Tour
Carrie Hill AirBnB Virtual Tour

Travel on a “swamp-to-shelf” art experience on this one-hour tour of modern Mohawk baskets. Award-winning weaver Carrie Hill, owner of Chill Baskets, offers a glimpse into basket making, including sourcing and preparing her materials, weaving techniques, and her amazing works of art.

Cornbread From A Mohawk Perspective

Learn more about the Indigenous origins of corn and its importance to Indigenous peoples on this one-hour tour. The dynamic duo behind Ionte’s cornbread, Iontewisonnis and Tonatiuh, share their experience with corn and how to make Mohawk cornbread through a live demonstration.

Cornbread from a Mohawk Perspective
Ionte’s Cornbread

Traditional Lacrosse Stick Making

Discover the Mohawk origins of lacrosse and how this sport grew from a traditional Indigenous medicine game to one of the fastest-growing sports in North America. Owner of Traditional Lacrosse Evan Cree takes you through the lacrosse-stick-making process from log to lacrosse stick on this one-hour tour. 

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