Gray's Homestead Farm

Gray’s Homestead Farm was started by Francine Gray in 2017, on property that has been in the family for generations. In the 1940’s, Francine’s great uncle, Louis Cook, ran a farm on the property where he raised pigs, goats, cows, and chickens. Now her son, Fisher Vaughn King, is the next generation learning to operate the farm. Gray’s Homestead Farm is a local, family-owned and operated, farm that offers many homegrown products, including: livestock, goat milk, botanicals, healing salves, pickled eggs, homemade jams, honey and maple syrup.

The farm specializes in Premium Kurobuta Pork from the American Berkshire Association, and offers registered breeding stock, spring piglets, and at times offers butcher hogs. The farm also frequently donates pork for traditional ceremony purposes.

In addition to pigs, they have Saanen & LaMancha goats registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, which they use for land maintenance and milk production. Goat milk is highly prized as it is gentler and easier to digest and has many uses especially for baby animals, cheese (chèvre), smoothies, and handmade soaps. 

Francine grows her own botanicals, which are used in their handmade goat milk soaps, and is skilled in harvesting native medicinal plants from the area used in making healing salves. 

Gray’s Homestead Farm collaborates with other local producers to sell locally sourced sugars, such as honey and maple syrup. 

Other products you can find at the farm include pickled eggs and homemade jams. 

Hours: By Appointment only
Phone: 315-514-4164
Location: 1109 Drum Street, Akwesasne, NY


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