Akwesasne Travel Launches Virtual Tours

Akwesasne Travel, the official tourism marketing organization for the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe (SRMT), in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic pivoted and launched an innovative, online tour training for entrepreneurs and cultural attractions in Akwesasne. The online tours, hosted on the popular Airbnb Online Experiences platform, are now live!

The impact of COVID on the tourism industry, forced Akwesasne Travel to reimagine travel and how to provide a quality experience in a virtual setting. Tour partners participated in a curriculum that was specific to Akwesasne and transitioned existing in-person tour programming to create intimate virtual tour experiences with our artists and cultural centers. “The Airbnb Online Experience platform allows our partners to explore new ways of sharing their stories, art and culture. Just a preview of what we hope to bring to Akwesasne, as we plan to resume in-person cultural experiences in the future.” said Community Planner SRMT, Raeann Adams

“This meaningful and targeted approach to Cultural Tourism keeps and maintains control of our rich cultural narrative for our guests. I’m especially proud of this endeavor for each of our Virtual Tour suppliers. This investment of their time and effort today will help sustain their business and contribute to the overall resiliency of Akwesasne’s Economy.” added James Lazore, Director of Economic Development SRMT.

The training program taught entrepreneurs how to tell their story online, host a virtual tour and get their tour published on Airbnb Online Experiences. It is a rare opportunity for Indigenous people to tell their stories directly, even more so to share their culture and who they are with the world.

Mikayla Karonhianonha Francis of The Native North American Traveling College, tour partner of Akwesasne Travel added, “working with Akwesasne Travel has allowed us to expand our technology and services to offer immersive virtual tours, expanding our audience and putting us ahead with teaching on a digital platform.”

Four immersive online tours have been launched and further information can be found at https://akwesasne.travel/virtu…

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For more information, contact Akwesasne Travel at (518) 358-4238 or email info@akwesasne.travel


  • Phone: 518-358-4238
  • Email: info@akwesasne.travel