Chill Baskets

An Akwesasne native, Carrie Hill weaves black ash and sweetgrass Mohawk baskets. This basketmaking tradition goes back generations in her family using materials found in Akwesasne. Carrie first learned how to make Mohawk baskets from her aunt and found that she had a knack for it at a young age. She has since started her own basket-making business making custom baskets, woven jewelry and other woven works of art. She blends traditional techniques and her own style to craft her own coveted creations.  

She starts each basket by gathering sweetgrass and preparing the long strips of black ash, called splints. She shaves each splint and cuts it to size in her studio. You can buy her baskets by messaging her on social media or make an appointment to see her studio. She is also available for offsite basket-making demonstrations.

Hours: By Appointment only
Location: Akwesasne, NY
Phone: (518) 521-8891


  • Phone: 518-358-4238
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