Akwesasne Cultural Center Museum

This charming, newly renovated museum and cultural center shares Mohawk culture from the perspective of the Mohawk people of Akwesasne. The museum’s collection includes over 2,000 photographs and over 700 ethnographic objects of various kinds, related to the Mohawk community of Akwesasne. You will find paintings by local artists, which depict the Mohawk creation story and other important cultural symbols, historic canoes, wampum belts (beaded belts designed to narrate Haudenosaunee “people of the longhouse” history), and kastowas (traditional Mohawk headdresses worn by men), and many other one-of-a-kind treasured artifacts. The museum is home to 300 black ash splint and sweetgrass baskets, one of the defining features of Akwesasne Mohawk identity, and the museum’s largest collection of any one item. After the renovations, the museum now features a new Virtual Reality and interactive exhibits. 

The museum’s intimate gift shop specializes in items created by Akwesasne community members, including Mohawk basketry, allowing you to take home an artisan souvenir of your visit to Akwesasne. Pop in for a visit during normal business hours or call ahead for a free guided tour.

Hours: Tuesday through Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am - 2pm
Location: 321 State Rt. 37 Akwesasne, NY 13655
Phone: (518) 358-2461
Email: akwmuse@northnet.org


  • Phone: 518-358-4238
  • Email: info@akwesasne.travel